Belarussian State Technological University
Physicochemical Methods Investigation Center

X-Ray Diffraction

X-Ray Diffractometer D8 Advance

X-Ray Diffractometer D8 Advance


Technical Data

Configurations Vertical Theta-Theta goniometer. In Theta-Theta geometry the tube and the detector are moved. Throughout the entire measurement, the sample remains horisontal, which is necessary when examining loose powders and liquids.
Maximum useable angular range - 110°<2Theta<168°
Angular positioning Stepper motors and optical encoders
Smallest selectable stepsise 0.0001°
Reproducibility +/-0.0001°
Maximum speed 25°/c

X-Ray tube

New ceramic X-ray tube with high reproducibility and stability of focus position

Detector New Dynamic Scintillation Detector whis low background  and high dynamic range
Safety Double safety circuit



Field of application:  Metals, Alloys, Polymers, Forensics, Chemistry, Archeology, Glass, Ceramics, Cement, Pharmaceuticals,

Coating, Environmental Analysis, Mineralogy, Geology, Semiconductors, Superconductors



Opportunites of software package DIFFRAC Plus

Opportunites of software package DIFFRAC Plus


DIFFRAC Plus is the most efficient X-Ray diffractometry software package available, including:

Opportunites of software package:
DIFFRAC Plus Search DIFFRAC Plus Search - The next generation software package for professional phase identification, provides a unique, full pattern aproach for qualitative phase analysis. This approach handless even complicated multiphas mixtures and trace pfases readily.
DIFFRAC Plus EVA DIFFRAC Plus EVA - The latest standard for XRD data evaluation and presentation. EVA is a comprehensive and extremely versatile graphics program for easy, fast and convenient 2- and 3- dimentional data evaluation and presentation.
DIFFRAC Plus DQUANT DIFFRAC Plus DQUANT - Is a new and unique solution for fully automated   quantitative analysis of XRD data. DQUANT features a fully integrated concept comprising an intelligent combination of simultaneous instrument control and data processing.
DIFFRAC Plus TOPAS DIFFRAC Plus TOPAS   - defines a new generation of profile and structure analysis software by seamlessly integrating all currently employed profile fitting techniques as well as related applications. TOPAS is built around a general non-linear least squares system written specifically to integrate various types of powder diffraction and single crystal analyses.


Anisotropy of crystallinity  oriented polymer films

Anisotropy of crystallinity  oriented polymer films


X-Ray Diffractogramme of TiO2 powders

X-Ray Diffractogramme of TiO2 powders



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